The Best Thing To Do After Leaving Your Resort In Jodhpur


Camel safari is a heritage spectacle for people in Rajasthan and many a resort in jodhpur offer their guests at least some kind of Safari experience by joining hands with the local organisers who are able to  give their clients a once in a lifetime experience.

A camel is capable of showing you places that are set deep in the sandy terrains of Rajasthan. A camel effectively navigates the sandy dunes moving forward while a heavy build jeep gets stuck in the inhospitable stretches of dunes. This makes the camel safari a magical experience for most who have to leave the budget resorts in Jodhpur behind to make the one in a lifetime experience that you may never have again.

Before embarking on a desert safari, here are some things to keep in mind to have a safe journey on the camel –

  • When mounting the animal always lean back
  • If it stands up, or sit back, lean as far as you can and grip the offered reins quite firmly
  • Make sure to grip the reins firmly when or if the camel is moving or you would be rocked back
  • Hold the reins gently
  • If you want to turn right, pull the rein to your right and if you wish to turn left, gently pull the rein to the left
  • If the camel is galloping, pull the reins simultaneously and give it a soft kicks on both sides
  • Pull back both reins quickly if you wish to stop the camel
  • Don’t give the camel any food ever

By keeping these instructions in mind you would be able to have a safe journey after leaving the confines of your resort in Jodhpur. Camel safari is one of the traditional heritages of Rajasthan enjoy the ride till it lasts.



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