Deluxe Room

RS. 2050 per night


Desert Safari Camp Site Tent (Activities):-

The camp is exclusive, consisting of 12 deluxe tents tastefully decorated with attached bathrooms providing running hot and cold water. The Tents are beautifully Decorated in traditional style by local artisans. Enjoy a desert safari tour and many of them stay at Bishnoi Village Camp.

Village Huts:-

Built in the traditional Bishnoi village architecture. Huts are made of eco friendly local materials and plastered with cow-dung. The cow-dung is traditionally used as an anticeptic and insecticide. The huts are beautifully painted in traditional style by local women artisans. Along with traditional effect include all modern amenities like western style bathroom, 24 hrs running hot and cold water, Air condition room and many more facilities.

Eco Friendly Tour:-

We consider an Eco Tour to be a trip that causes minimal impact to the environment and local people. The site is usually culturally and biologically diverse and attracts tourists who have a common interest in nature, wildlife and culture. A fundamental element of an Eco Tour is the education of environmental issues such as, the protection of natural resources or endangered species, usually relevant to the destination. By choosing to go on an Eco Tour you will be given a unique opportunity to learn and experience nature. In addition a greater awareness of environmental issues will be developed.





Extra Adult

Extra Child

Deluxe Hut on CPAI

Rs. 2,050/-

Rs. 3,000/-

Rs. 700/-

Rs. 500/-

Deluxe Hut on MAPAI

Rs. 2,400/-

Rs. 3,500/-

Rs. 950/-

Rs. 700/-

Deluxe Hut on APAI

Rs. 2,650/-

Rs. 4,000/-

Rs. 1200/-

Rs. 950/-